I’m a visual artist who makes paintings about the connection between people and society. I explore themes like social and ecological sustainability and the impact of fear on society. My paintings are about the gaps and connections between appearance and reality, and the relationship between thought, language, and reality.

As an artist, I focus on exploring abstract thoughts and understandings, particularly on the connection between the individual and society, and the driving forces behind political change. Through my paintings, I aim to express my understanding of the present and reflect on my personal experiences and those of my community.

I believe that exhibiting at O—Overgaden would be a great fit for my work. The gallery’s emphasis on experimental and emerging practices aligns with my own approach to artmaking, and the opportunity to collaborate with the curatorial and technical teams would be invaluable in developing my exhibition. Plus, O—Overgaden’s focus on offering support and shedding light on new artistic positions or new aspects of an artistic practice would give me the chance to showcase my work to a broader audience.